Fashion Innovations; + Fashion meets Food

Fashion Innovations, Series and Wearable Art; + Fashion Meets Food Arts

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Fashion Innovations

Fashion is an opportunity to wear artwork which expresses your state of mind.  One series, Fortune Favours, is a series of leather works which use intimate body contact, body impression, body energies and body gestures on wearable artworks.  Additional elements such as words in braille and other unique details are added for inspiration.

The pieces in this series are custom fitted with each body painting being uniquely designed for the wearer.  Details of the design are created with the dialogues of people involved.  The beauty of each work includes the details and feelings of the pieces which are essentials of the design created with the wearer in heart.  And they are soft and comfortable, comparable to another layer of skin.

When Fashion Meets Food Arts

The beauty of the scents and textures of food create an unique experience when combined to edible fashions.  In a series for the annual NYC Chocolate Fashion Show, top designers and chocolatiers create runway pieces for a gala performance.