Food Arts; + Food meets Greening

Food Arts

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Designing with Food

Food is a universal medium which has beauty in its ability to connect people to a multi-sensory event.  And in that gathering of people, memories are made stories are shared.  The power of food to unite people on many layers is stunning.

Food Arts Meets Greening Designs

Food Arts use a full sensory experience, with my practice involving designing food for a physical space.  In Sugarland a ¼ acre forest site designed with candies and colorful edible designs of frosting to explore design with non-harmful and multi-age approachable media.  This ephemeral design explores media which uses a full senses, community involvement, and responding directly with outdoor conditions.  In Suspension, a full floor of a museum has large scales suspended from the ceiling with hundreds of desserts filling the scales.  As the desserts are taken off the plates, the scales gently tip across the room, with some desserts rising above a persons height, while others are lowered to a child’s height.