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Greening Designs

With my practice to create designs which utilize a variety of knowledge and visions, Greening Designs explores looking at innovative approaches to use plant materials in unique settings.  This includes interior green installations, green walls, exterior short term and long term designs, and Green Fashions.  These works continue with the belief in the ability of design to enrich people’s minds and the spaces they live and work with unique approach to green opportunities in unique spaces.

Recent projects also include Phytoremediation and Environmental Art– using plant materials to remove a variety of toxins from the air, soil and water in both outdoor and indoor sites; while telling a narrative about the stories of the sites.  Stevie’s Earthworks exploring this topic include ‘LivingScape 5’, ‘LivingScape 4’, ‘Moss Green’, ‘Green Mondrian’, ‘Spiraling Staircase of Plants’, and ‘Weaving LivingScapess’.  Her designs grey the lines between the indoor and outdoor worlds, while cleaning the site.  She presented ‘LivingScapes III-VII’ to the International Phytoremediation Conference in Colorado in Autumn 2007.

The Green Line, Garden Parties Series

The Green Line is inspired by notable landscapes, environmental art, gardens, and fashions.  This series uses a combination of live plant materials, water systems, as well as a conventional and couture fashion elements by creating designs which can be worn by people.  The wearable works grows with living greenery while commenting and re-interpreting what landscapes are, as well as what they can be with a new perspective.

This series includes plants which are edible, flowering plants, and unusual greenery in fashions which are seeded with self-seeding plants, irrigated, mulched and wearable.  When put in an installation (short or long term), indoor spaces are transformed and dialogues of indoor/outdoor materials and spaces are put into question.  Additionally, whether this is indoors or outdoors- with the pieces changing through growth, the space continues to change.